Popular Times Feature of Google Maps

Google maps is an app that just about everyone in the world is familiar with. It can help you track your routes to and from some of your favorite destinations. However, because it is so popular and well-known, we are not going to talk about the mapping and direction features of this app. Instead, I want to focus on a different aspect. In the past year or so, Google has updated the app to include a popular times feature. At first, the app simply listed when an area on the map may be busy, including restaurants, movie theaters and roadways. This would include general information like a restaurant would be most busy during normal dining hours or a bar most busy in the evening. However, the update took this feature a step farther and now includes real time popular features information.

Now you may find yourself asking why this is relevant and how this type of technology can help you. Imagine that you are looking for a restaurant to eat dinner at. So you pull out your phone, open up Google maps and see what restaurants are nearby. You can then pull up the popular time feature and see exactly how busy the restaurant is at that particular time. This can help you pick a restaurant that is less busy on that particular night or go to a busy spot with the realistic expectation of having to wait. The feature on this app helps you to better plan, which is important.

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