Motion Stills

Pretty much all of us take pictures from our cell phones. And while there are many apps out there that can alter the picture, Motion Skills is a bit different than all of those other photo editing and sharing apps like the blood suckers app and the app used to investeer in contract for difference.

Motions Skills, an app developed by Karamba¬† (read more and later acquired by Google, is one of the only useful apps that can take a few seconds of video and transform those images into gifs. You can then post these gifs on social networking and messaging apps. This is the biggest draw to the app, because who doesn’t love making gifs using images they took of their family and friends.

However, making gifs is not all the app can do. The app has photo and video editing features that allow you to edit, alter and transform all of the images you capture using your cell phone.

The Motion Skills app is not one that is going to really make your life easier or affect your day to day life. However, this app is fun and can be used to make you, your friends and family members enjoy a laugh. If you are looking to have fun with the images on your phone, this is the right app for you.

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