Budgeting and keeping track of money can be challenging. But technology is making it easier to keep track of your finances directly from your phone. And the Mint application makes that all happen.

The Mint application allows you to manage your money, track your paydays, pay all of your online bills, create a budget and track your credit score. You can set up different categories for savings and checking accounts and you can keep track of all the purchases you are making, helping you to figure out exactly where all of your money is going.

This app has personally helped me. You see, I love to gamble online for example slot machines like starburst. Casumo Casino and the mr smith casino are two of my favorite mobiel casino in nederland to play with after finding some really good casino bonuses on But I never knew which bank account I should use to fund my online gambling accounts and how much exactly I was winning or losing from week to week. This app allowed me to look at my accounts and see where I had extra money to fund my gambling hobby and then keep track of wins and loses from week to week, helping me to see which casinos have the best payouts for me.

Now you may not be a gambler and that’s ok. This app can still immensely help you. You can see how much you spend at the grocery store or eating out. You can see what accounts have a high balance and need to be paid down. Or you can watch your credit score as you work on raising it. Mint can help you with all of your financial information that is used in your day to day life.

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