Google Keep

This week on the blog, the app that we are featuring is Google Keep. This app is becoming extremely popular not only in the United Kingdom, but worldwide. So why is it becoming popular and why should you think about downloading it? This app allows you to keep your thoughts straight and capture what is on your mind. It allows you to add notes, lists, audio and photos, all to keep until you delete them.

So how can the Google Keep app transform your life? Imagine this. You are cleaning out your pantry and fridge and start to realize you will need milk, that you are almost out of your noodles, or that you are running low on your favorite spice. Pick up your phone and open up this app. You can then make yourself a shopping list by either typing in the items you want, taking pictures of the items so your wife or husband can find the exact brand you prefer, or creating an audio file so you can simply play the words back.

Or maybe you are picking your two children up from school and at the same time they are telling you about a new school fundraiser, birthday party and sporting event. Open up your app and write down the exact dates, times and events that the children are telling you. You never have to worry about forgetting an event again because this app allows you to quickly and easily record all of your thoughts in real time.

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