City Mapper

If you are like me, you may hate to drive in the city or may not even own a car. One great thing about the United Kingdom is that there are so many reliable ways to get around town. You can take the train, ride the tube, hop on a bus, hail a cab or catch an Uber. However, the drawback to having so many options is that it can be overwhelming trying to figure out which is the fastest way to get where you are going. The City Mapper app changes all of that and is the reason I have decided to showcase this app on my blog.

The City Mapper App looks at different types of public transportation options and then compares them to where you are going. Based on traffic and disruptions along the various routes, the app will then tell you which is the best option to try to get to where you are going. This is the best way to determine what the fastest and most efficient way for you to get from point a to point b will be.

There are other factors that you can include in the search as well. You can include price as being a factor for you. The app will then compare the price and give you an estimated length of time the trip will take and give you the cost. If the tube is only a few minutes slower than a taxi, it may be well worth the cost savings.

This app works in real time, so it will take into consideration traffic, lines, accidents and other disruptions, ensuring you can always find the best way to get around town for you. It is also compatible with the latest of Forex brokers who trade financial instruments. The Best FOREX Broker you can find through certain specifications you make to the app.

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